We touched down in Sri Lanka in the early hours of the morning ready to head to our first destination, Kandy. In the weeks leading up to our trip we weren’t quite sure whether this would be possible as there had been some unrest in the city but luckily everything had settled down a week or so before our arrival.

On route over to Kandy we had a couple of stop-offs to break up the car naps, first up was a spice garden where we stopped for our first Sri Lankan brew, early morning learning and a head massage.

After this we travelled to the Botanic Gardens, which we explored for a couple of hours, my skin had missed the feeling of the hot sunshine (which I soon realised it couldn’t handle even with a dosing of factor 50!). Weaving around the park we were amazed by the sheer volume and noise of the bats hanging from the tree tops as well as how very green the gardens are!

The last leg of journey would take us to our hotel, SO excited to finally have the chance to shower and sleep in a bed! We slightly recharged our pretty flat batteries and headed out late afternoon to the city centre to visit the Temple of the Sacred Tooth and to watch the sunset over the lake (also getting slightly conned into watching a traditional dance show).

Our time in Kandy was short and sweet (pun was an accident, I promise) and jet lag played havoc but on the plus it meant we were awake(ish) to watch the sun rise next to the giant Buddha statue of Bahirawa Kanda on the hilltop before our early train journey on the famous route to Ella.



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