The end of our trip exploring the vast beauty of Sri Lanka was spent in Colombo, we had 24 hours to navigate around the capital and explore what the city had to offer… The majority of our agenda revolved around food – getting our last fix of the delicious local cuisine and fresh food before heading home.

However, with questionable WiFi along the way (digital detox bliss) any sort of last minute pre-planning was out of the question so we relied on recommendations from friends and general mooching.

The Saturday was a holiday in Sri Lanka called Bak Full Moon Poya which meant no alcohol was served in the city, we opted for the holiday staple of papaya juice instead with rooftop views from The Kingsbury.

Gangaramaya Temple is a must, situated in the heart of the city along with Seema Malaka temple a short walk away on Beira Lake. You struggle to know where to look first, constantly getting distracted by something else which catches your eye. Photos alone do not do the temple justice you have to experience the music and smell of incense burning to fully appreciate.

After lunch we braved the heat and humidity and attempted to walk off our lunch around Viharamahadevi Park. We stumbled across a street food market with live music – unfortunately it was too soon after lunch to squeeze a second round of dessert in!


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